Traditional · Metal 

Metal brackets are the most common type of bracket.  They are made of metal allowing for great strength in a low profile bracket – meaning the bracket sticks out from your teeth less making it very comfortable!  Small colored rubber bands are used to keep the wire in the bracket.  You can pick as many (or as few) colors as you have brackets and change them every time you come in!  

Clear · Ceramic 

Clear brackets are a popular alternative and most commonly used for adults.  We offer two types of clear brackets: Empower Clear and Radiance.  Empower Clear is a self ligating bracket; there is a small brushed metal door that keeps the wire in bracket.  This means no rubber bands and nothing to stain when you eat and drink!  (See below.)

Radiance is the second clear bracket we offer.  For this bracket, a small clear rubber band is used to keep the wire in the bracket (similar as with the metal braces).  The Radiance bracket is very clear and looks great!  However, if you eat or drink anything that stains (coffee, tea, red wine, mustard, curry), look out!  Foods can stain the “clear” rubber bands making your braces look yellowish.  For this reason we recommend the Empower Clear self ligating bracket for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about what they eat and drink! 

Invisalign® · Aligners

Many people want to fix something about their teeth, but don’t want to get braces.  For some people, Invisalign is a great option.  Sometimes treatment may be more complex, and other types of treatment (like braces) would best correct the problems.  There are also very simply problems that can be fixed with a retainer or other kind of aligners that  may be more cost effective.  The only way to know for sure what will work for you is to be seen by an orthodontist – so call us today! 

Yes, we offer Invisalign!  Click here to see more.