Brushing with braces is different than regular brushing.  It’s important to pay careful attention and spend extra time to make sure you don’t miss any spots.  When you get your braces on, we’ll spend time explaining the best ways to keep your pearly whites pearly white.

Each time you come in to see Dr. Carney you can use our tooth brushing station.  We have everything you need here at the office, so no need to bring your own toothbrush!  (Although, you’re welcome to do so if that’s what you prefer.)

Keep that Dental Appointment! 

It’s important to keep seeing your dentist on a regular basis.  Orthodontic appointments are no replacement for your regularly scheduled dental cleanings.  General Dentists and Pediatric Dentists have hygienists on staff who are specifically trained to clean teeth. Your dentist also takes x-rays to check for cavities between your teeth _ something we don’t do here. Most of the time your provider can do everything they need to do without even taking out the wires.”


We say “emergencies” because common orthodontic problems are more like annoyances.  A real emergency – a knee or ball to the mouth – often involves loose teeth and is a true dental problem.  If this happens call us right away!  Below is more information about small problems that can occur while wearing braces.

Loose Bracket or Band

Here’s a good thing to remember:  if it’s broken, it’s not working!  A loose band or bracket means that tooth isn’t moving where we want it to move.  Sometimes you may not even know a bracket is loose, other times it may move around on the wire.  Call our office immediately, and we will let you know what’s the best thing to do.  Sometimes we schedule an extra appointment to fix the loose band or bracket.  Other times we can fix it at your next regularly scheduled visit.

Poking Wire

Sometimes your teeth move and a wire that was previously comfortable becomes uncomfortable.  Usually it comes out the back of the band and pokes your cheek.  Other times small wires we use to tie a bracket in can poke your lip or cheek.  You can try pushing the wire towards your teeth and away from your lip or cheek.  If the wire is easily accessible you can trim the wire with wire cutters or nail clippers.  If this doesn’t work, you can cover the end of the wire with a piece of wax (which we’ll give you in your new patient packet) and call us so that we can fix it for you!

Lost Separator/Spacer

A lot of patients lose separators during treatment.  Depending on when  you’re appointment is, sometimes it needs to be replaced and sometimes it doesn’t.  Call our office so we can tell you which it is!

Discomfort with Orthodontic Treatment

The first few days or week after your braces are placed and adjustments are made, you will likely feel a little soreness.  This is okay and means that your teeth are moving!  If you feel like you need to, you may take Advil or Tylenol as needed for discomfort.  Warm salt water rinses sometimes help your lips and cheeks adjust to the “stratchiness” of the new braces.  At the beginning of treatment, your wires may be “heat active” – this means that they work best at body temperature.  Drinking cold ice water can reduce the tension in the wire and give you a small break.  If you ever have any questions, call us!